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No. 138, August 2004




Welcome to August’s Harriers Herald – quite a short issue this month.  We begin with Thursday night schedules for August and September followed by additional details for some of the dates.  Then there are some Congratulations to some of our members. Mo gives us his latest selection of websites, and forthcoming race Fixtures that may be of interest.  Finally, there are results and short reports for BBSRC Sports Day and the recent Handicap Race.

Enjoy the nice running weather while it lasts,

Sue F



Thursday night schedule for August

Thurs    5th                    Sue P to lead run at Aldbourne

Thurs 12th                     Dennis & Sue C to lead run at Newbury (see below)

Thurs 19th                           Sue F to lead

Thurs    26th                  Martin to lead



Thursday night schedule for September

Thurs    2nd                    Dick to lead cycle ride (see below)

Thurs    9th                    Vicky & Iain to lead

Thurs    16th                  Handicap Race

Thurs    23rd                  Susanne to lead

Thurs    30th                  Lucy to lead



Notes about some forthcoming Thursday sessions

August 12th: Dennis’ and Sue’s ‘goodbye run’ will start from ‘The Taste of England’, which is on Turnpike Road opposite the new Newbury Hospital (first right from the garden centre A4/Thatcham relief road roundabout).  Dennis suggests meeting at 6:15 pm for a 6:30 start.  We will eat at ‘The Taste of England’ after the run.

September 2nd: Dick will be leading a cycle ride.  He says he has some spare bikes for anyone who doesn’t have one, or is unable to get their bike to Compton.  More details nearer the day.




            … Kirsty and Andy on the safe arrival of baby Lola Bayley, weighing 7 ½ lb, on Sunday 18th July.  Lola, Kirsty and Andy are all fit and well.

… Susanne for giving up smoking, with Lucy’s advice and encouragement.  (It seems I also had a hand in Susanne’s determination to quit: apparently I gave her a dirty look when she lit up after her Ridgeway Relay leg!).

Website update…



For those of you who get confused when it’s time to buy that new pair of shoes, then here is the answer to all your problems … well at least it will help.  A visit to will provide you with information on different types of foot that can be matched to different types of shoe.  The article also explains the different types of foot strike and reminds us that choosing the right shoe for your feet will help prevent injuries.  


Last month’s links featured survival outdoors and camp recipes … well if you don’t like the idea of living rough, but still like the idea of running, cycling or walking outdoors without the hassle of carrying your belongings in a backpack, then I have found the perfect website for you!  The link is … the home of the Sherpa Van Project (happy memories Dick!).  The Sherpa Van Project provides a back-up service for runners, walkers and cyclists following the Coast to Coast path and other long distance foot trails and cycle ways in Britain.  After checking out the various trails covered by referring to the trails guide, for a small fee you can download a trail planner.  Well worth a visit if you are considering a short running, walking or cycling holiday.


My final link for this issue is which is a page of links on the Silver Surfers website.  This page provides a list of links to sites covering athletics, climbing, orienteering, marathon running, walking and rambling.  There are also many other topics on the main menu, including a Sport & Recreation link which includes just about every sport you are likely to have an interest in … I fully recommended a visit.


Now, for the next couple of months, here are a few suggestions on where to run: -


Fixtures: A selection of local and other well known events for your information:-



·   Sunday, 8 August 2004, 10.30 a.m. - Lambourn Carnival 5 , Lambourn, Berkshire


·   Sunday, 15 August 2004 - Burnham Beeches Half Marathon (Includes 3K Fun Run)

   Farnham Common, Buckinghamshire 


·   Saturday/Sunday 28/29 August 2004 - Ridgeway Challenge 2004 The TRA is organizing a run along the Ridgeway from Ivinghoe to Overton Hill on. The distance is 86.5 miles. See TRA website for details.


·   Sunday, 29 August 2004 at 10:30 am - Vale of Pewsey ½ Marathon
(1500m Fun Run -
10:00 am


·   Saturday, 4th September 2004 at 3pm -  Overton 5 Mile Road Race


·   Sunday, 5th September 10.30 am 2004 - THE BEAST, "Legs Eleven" 13 miles (multi terrain)

Non-refundable entry fee £7.00, £8.00 for unattached runners. Entry on the Day £11 & £12


Entry form


·   Sunday, 5th September 10.30 am 2004 – The Kerridge 10k at Highclere Castle.

Entry forms on Harriers Notice board £7 (+ £2 extra on the day).


·   Sunday, 5th September 08..30 am 2004 – O2O Oracle to the Oracle 10k road race Starts & finishes at The Water Meadow, Thames Valley Park following road, towpath and track. NO ENTRIES ON THE DAY. (Entry forms on noticeboard).


·   Sunday, 12th September 2004 - Aldbourne 10k Road Race Starts at Aldbourne Football Field, Farm Lane, Aldbourne (in Wiltshire)  £6 UK:A club members, £7 other club or unattached


·   Sunday, 12th September 2004 10.30 a.m. – The INKPEN LONG BARROW CHALLENGE 14 miles mainly off-road at Inkpen … Entry forms from Tom (or any standard entry form will do) £6, £7 on the day.


·   Isle of Wight Fell Running Series

Saturday Sept 18th (AM) - The St. Boniface Fell (3 Miles 775 feet ascent, FRA class AS).

Saturday Sept 18th (PM) - The Ventnor Horseshoe (7 Miles 1500 feet ascent, FRA class BM).

Sunday Sept 19th (AM) - The Wroxall Round (13 Miles 1500 feet ascent, FRA class CL).


·   Sunday 19th September 2004 - New Forest Marathon at 11:30am  (& New Forest Half Marathon at 11am), Location New Milton, Hampshire,


·   Saturday 18th September 2004High Peak 40 mile Challenge, Buxton, Derbyshire. See TRA website for details.


·   Sunday 10th October 2004 at 11am -  Ridgeway Run 15Km cross country, Location Tring Park Cricket Club, Tring (in Hertfordshire),


·   Sunday 17th October 2004 at 9.00am - AKZO NOBEL ABINGDON MARATHON - wheelchairs 8.55am,


 (Mo - Aug 2004)



BBSRC Sports Day

Sue F              


            This year’s BBSRC inter-institute Sports Day took place at Rothamsted Research Institute, Hertfordshire.  The whole IAH-Compton team was very small this year, but we had enough runners for both the relay and cross-country races.  The weather was pleasant – dry and warm, but not too hot.  The relay was the first event with each runner in the team of four doing one 450-metre lap of the sports field.  The problem was that people were warming up for other sports and didn’t make way for the runners, making it quite difficult to see the flags we were supposed to be running between.  It was suggested that the lady member of each team did first leg.  So Sue took off with the other ladies and, despite being hit by a volleyball halfway round, managed to hang onto first place.  Mo took over on the second leg and passed over to Pete Humphreys in seventh place.  Pete hung onto this position, as did Sam Comely on the final stage.


            We then had four hours to kill before the cross-country, so the four of us got a map of the route and decided to have a leisurely walk around it.  Near the start we passed the Manor House, which is part of the Rothamsted Institute’s property, so Pete and Mo decided to have a look inside and help themselves from a plate of biscuits!


            After a bite to eat, and watching some of the other sports, it was soon time for the race.  The IAH-Compton team was the same as that for the relay with the addition of Fiona Wycherley (and her dog Sally).  Forty-two runners set off on the 4.5-mile route.  It was a pleasant, fairly flat route and very well marked by red arrows.  We started on a long drive up to the Manor, before going out into the countryside following open and woodland tracks around Rothamsted Farm.  At two miles, we joined the route of a disused railway – a tree-lined tarmac path that took us gently uphill for a mile.  We returned to the finish in the sports field via more fields, farm tracks and lanes, passing the ruins of a Roman villa.  In the absence of last year’s top runners (Tom Mendum and our own Dick) the race was led from start to finish by Tom Pope of East Malling (23:53).  In second place overall was a young lady (daughter of the race organiser) in 24:07, while Sue took third (24:42).  Next home for Compton was Sam Comely who had really given 100 percent (10th, 27:22).  In an exciting finish amidst loud cheers, Pete out-sprinted Pirbright’s Chris Rowland to finish 17th (28:46).  Fiona and Sally did really well finishing 26th (31:00) as did Mo (34th, 34:21).  We were well pleased with our overall third place behind the East Malling and Rothamsted teams.


            Just when we thought we could relax, we found Compton’s Captain had entered a team in the rounders competition and we were all needed.  We weren’t too hot in the rounders but, by the third game, we weren’t losing quite so badly.  Highlights were Fiona’s run-in with the umpire, and Andy Gill trying to catch a massive hit whilst also having a chat on his mobile.  We didn’t do much better in the tug-o’-war! However, Compton had fared much better in other sports, with wins in badminton, squash, pool and fishing, and a third placing in the treasure hunt.


            We sat in the bar eating our chips while, in the marquee, the jazz band began to warm-up.  Only later did we find out we had missed the presentation, which had happened out on the sports field rather than in the marquee.  By this time it was getting on for 10:00 and, as Pete had told his wife he would be home by half-past-six, we decided it was time we all made a move.  It had been a long, but enjoyable and pretty successful day.


Handicap Race (Village Lap)

Sue F           

July’s Handicap Race took place around the Village Lap (now accurately measured, by Dick and Jan, at 3.07 km, or 1.92 miles).  Before the race, we had the pleasure of meeting Lola, who slept contentedly despite all the strange runners peering into her pram.  Mo set off with a good lead ahead of Lucy, with Marie and Marie’s ‘other half’ Richard, close behind.  Susanne was next off, followed by Sue and Martin.  Richard took off in the later stages of the race to finish well ahead of everyone else.  Behind him, there was a close race between the other runners.  However, Lucy once again made a big improvement in her personal best time for a well-earned defense of her trophy.  Marie, also recording a PB, just managed to stay ahead of Martin who ran very well to break the 11-minute barrier.  Sue just managed to catch Susanne, both running almost the same time as they had done in the last handicap race, with Mo not far behind.  Well done again Lucy and thanks to Jan and Dick for time keeping.  The next handicap race is scheduled for Thursday 16th     September.





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