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No. 166, December 2006



Welcome to December’s Harriers Herald, which rounds off another very successful year for the club.  Thursday night schedules for December and January are followed by reminders about Susanne’s Bike Challenge, the Christmas Meal and the London Marathon Club Entry.  Then there’s Correspondence received and some notes from the recent BCAA AGM.  Race results or shorts reports are given for the Roaches fell race, the Eynsham 10K, the first Oxford Mail cross-country, the Florence Marathon, and November’s Handicap Race.  Mo’s Website links include reflective gear and other running accessories, and his new format Events Diary features a variety of races taking us into 2007.  Thanks to Mo and Sus for their contributions to this issue.  Finally, may I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a successful New Year!



Copy date for January’s Harriers Herald: Wednesday 3rd January



·        Susanne’s Bike Challenge (see September’s HH for full details)

Only two weeks left to record a time for the cycle challenge, so pick a nice wind-free, cold day when the ground is hard and go for it!  A reminder of the Challenge details: The route is 14.2 miles, starting from the new footpath on Churn Road, going up to the Monument (SU 425 844) and the same way back to the new footpath.  The rules are: At the new footpath you will find a pole with a yellow and a blue arrow, which is your start line.  Cycle, any push bike is allowed, up to the Monument, get off the bike, run up the steps and give the Monument a hug, back again via the steps, jump on your bike and go as fast as you can back home to the pole, touch the pole and stop your watch.  Keep Susanne posted with your time as the names of the two fastest people will go in a hat and the winner announced during our Christmas meal.


·        Christmas meal/party

Thanks to Pete for organising the Christmas Meal, which will be at 8 pm (arrive from 7:30 pm) on the evening of Friday 15th December at The Red Lion in Upper Basildon.  A total of 21 members and partners are due to attend, so it promises to be a fun evening.


·        London Marathon Club Entry

I have now received the club’s guaranteed entry to the London Marathon.  Traditionally, the names of all those Harriers who entered the Marathon, but were not accepted, are put into a hat at the Christmas Meal to select the recipient of the club entry.  Let me know if your name should be in the hat!


Thursday night schedule for December

Thurs      7th        Lucy to lead

Thurs      14th      Handicap Race

Thurs      21st      ) To be decided, depending on level of interest

Thurs    28th      ) To be decided, depending on level of interest – a daytime run has been suggested


Thursday night schedule for January

Thurs      4th        Tom to lead

Thurs      11th      Kev to lead

Thurs      18th      Handicap Race

Thurs    25th      Pete to lead


Correspondence received


Subject matter


Laranja Tours

Sports tours Portugal


Guildford & Godalming AC

Entry forms: Hogsback 14K Road Race (10-12-06)

Events Diary & Notice board

London Marathon

Club Guaranteed Entry

Award to lucky(?) member at Xmas Meal


Forthcoming AGM

I attended AGM (see below)


Info. Update #103; notes on forthcoming EGM



Notes on SEAA EGM



X-country Champs (Norfolk, 21-01-07); Vets X-C Champs (Ruislip, 03-02-07)


Winning Ways

2007 catalogue (trophies, medals, stopwatches…etc)


‘Just Racing’

Entry forms: Wendover 5 MT race (14-01-07), Wellingborough MT series (Jan, Feb, Mar 2007)

Events Diary & Notice board


Berkshire County Athletic Association AGM

I represented Compton Harriers at the recent BCAA AGM at Bracknell.  There’s nothing particularly exciting to report, but I’ve summarised a few points below:

·         The guest speaker was David Moorcroft, who gave a short informal talk followed by questions & answers.  He came across as a very pleasant and levelheaded person.  He began with a summary of his athletics career, from starting as a schoolboy with Coventry Harriers to his days as a GB international and world record holder.  He then gave a brief update on UK Athletics.  He will shortly be standing down as head of UKA, and his role will be split between two posts – a Chairman and a Chief Executive.  David Moorcroft finished by telling us about his aspirations for the 2012 Olympics - the UKA target is to have at least one Briton in each athletics final.

·         The BCAA constitution is to be updated (as it has remained unchanged for >10 years).

·         BCAA get their income from (1) Affiliation fees of member clubs, (2) Entry fees to County Champs, (3) Road Running levies from events held in Berkshire. This year, their bank balance is £5K down on last year because Maidenhead AC failed to pass on County Champs entry fees, and the BCAA Road Running Secretary did not collect any Road Running levies (seems (s)he has fallen out with the rest of the Committee).

·         The role of BCAA & other County Associations (and even if they will continue to exist at all) under the new body ‘England Athletics’ is still to be decided.

·         With a lack of willing new volunteers, the BCAA Committee was voted back in more or less unchanged (sound familiar?), but there are still vacancies for minor positions.


In November, Compton Harriers competed in………


Lucy and Martin completed The Roaches 15M Fell Race (12th November) in 3:17.


Lucy and Sue took part in the Eynsham 10K (26th November).  After a very wet start to the day, the sun came out about an hour before race start, and it was pleasantly mild though a little breezy.  I think we were both a little disappointed with our performances, both being around 2 minutes off our respective PBs but Mo and I overheard quite a few people complaining that their times were considerably slower this year, so maybe we can blame the conditions!  Lucy crossed the line in 46:13 (249th) and I ran 40:53 and was third FV35.  Gill Harrison, a friend of Compton Harriers, finished in 45:46.  The race winner was D. Merckel (Oxford) in 32:58, while first lady was P. Prescott (Bedford) in 37:00.  Thanks to Martin and Mo for supporting at various points and taking photos at the finish.


Oxford Mail cross-country league


Round 1, Ascott-under-Wychwood, 5th November: Conditions were reasonable for the race at Ascott.  Members of Compton Harriers took part in the senior men’s and senior ladies races as part of the combined Team Kennet / Compton Harriers team.  There were 138 finishers in the ladies 3-mile race, which was won by W. Jones (Cirencester) in 17:51.  Sue was 13th in 21:34 and Lucy was 53rd in 24:21.  With Team Kennet runners finishing 8th, 20th, 79th, 87th & 104th, our combined team did very well, finishing 2nd.  There were 280 finishers in the mens 6-mile race, which was won by S. Kimber (Headington) in 30:38.  The scoring team of Tom Munt (8th), M. Shepherd (39th), Iain Adams (78th), Nick Bull (112th), R. Findlay (118th), B. Kujiten (136th) and Dick (157th in 40:29) was second in Division 2 of the league.


Next race: Sunday 3rd December, Culham Park (near Abingdon)

Ladies race, ~3 miles, starts 11:10 am; mens race, ~6 miles, starts 11:40 am.  More details of the venue at   For anyone who hasn’t taken part before, we compete in this league with Team Kennet running club under the banner of Team Kennet.  Most teams have a base near the start, as a HQ and somewhere for team members to leave their kit while running.  Look out for people wearing Team Kennet running vests (yellow, with blue trim round arms and neck – not to be confused with Headington who’s vests are yellow with a blue chest band!).  You will need to wear a Team Kennet vest and a race number, both of which can be collected from Nick Bull.  Aim to arrive at least 30 minutes before your race to get kitted out, have a warm-up and check out the course.


Florence Marathon, 26th November


Florence Marathon has it all, great P.B. potential (first 2K slightly down hill and then flat) stunning route through the historical city, charming beautiful people who applauses you through the course without being to laud, water stations where they serve, apart from water, tee, cakes, salt drinks and various fruit, a professional team of race organizer who look after you (mind you they do not put up fences between runners and spectators) a very interesting feedback information about your split times after you finish and you are never short of a pasta meal before or after your run.  So what else could you ask for? Well a cold before travelling would have been nice to miss and it would have been nice if Klaus did mention he had a dodgy knee but it was all just in our mind, as a matter of fact I think it cured my cold and Klaus was only happily surprised how his knee behaved so we where blessed with luck and finished the race hand in hand in the good time of 3:40:29. Though my first marathon will always stand for something special for me this was definitely one I would hope to do again one day. So chio Florence it was a pleasure to run on your ancient stone pavement.



Handicap Race

Our first dark Handicap Race of this winter was on a cool evening with damp atmosphere.  Kev continued his run of wins as he knocked another 7 seconds off his P.B. and finished with a 30-secind lead.  Pete, Rick, Lucy and Matt then finished in close succession, all recording times between 13 & 14 minutes.  Ryan, though nursing a dodgy calf muscle, set a decent pace with me hanging on as best I could.  Kirsty was next home, then Tom, who had been ill all week.  Thanks to Jan for timing - on this occasion she was ably assisted by Dick who was resting a sore heel.  The next Handicap Race is scheduled for Thursday 18th January.  If Kev can win that, he will make Harriers history – no member has ever won more than three in a row!



Start time

Finish time

Actual time

Handicap Beaten?























































Website update…



Now the dark days of winter are with us, we need to be highly visible to motorists when running on the public highways.  Most of us have a variety of lights and reflective strips etc.  If you are looking to top up your reflective wear then I can recommend a visit to where there is a variety of reflective products available at very reasonable prices … and all can be ordered online. The range of products includes high visibility snap bands, infant, junior and adult vests, multi-purpose reflective stretch bands and versatile reflective tape.  Should you be tempted to purchase from the site, you will be able to get a club discount of 25% by entering the code RU0996.


Have you visited the new local mountain bike centre yet? The address is


Yet another multi sport specialist for you to visit online is SBR (Swim Bike Run).  There is a vast range of clothing and accessories that can be ordered online, although most of it doesn’t look particularly cheap.  The site address is .


I hope you like the revised layout of the events table below … I think it’s more pleasing to the eye and it’s much easier for me to update on the website in this format.



Events Diary: A selection of local and other well known events for your information.  If you need any entry forms, I can email some of them on request and others are likely to be on the club notice board if not available on the relevant website.   


Click on runner for Harrier's Events Diary






(Mo – December 2006)