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No. 167, January 2007



Happy New Year, and welcome to January’s Harriers Herald.  Thursday night schedules for January and February are followed by Correspondence received and some notes about the SEAA affiliation fee.  There’s a short report on our Christmas Meal including the results of the London Marathon Club Entry draw, and Susanne’s Bike Challenge.  Short reports and results are given for the second and third Oxford Mail cross-country races and for December’s Handicap Race, and details of the 2007 Handicap Race Championship are listed.  Mo’s monthly Website article shows how you can improve your performance by SMART running, and his Events Diary features at least one event for every weekend from now until the end of April, so there are plenty to choose from for your next target.



Copy date for February’s Harriers Herald: Wednesday 31st January



Thursday night schedule for January

Thurs      4th            Tom to lead

Thurs      11th         Kev to lead

Thurs      18th         Handicap Race

Thurs    25th         Pete to lead


Thursday night schedule for February

Thurs      1st           Mo to lead

Thurs      8th          Martin to lead

Thurs      15th         Handicap Race

Thurs      22nd        Sue to lead


Correspondence received


Subject matter


England Athletics

Entry forms for National X-Country Champs (Sunderland, 10-03-06)



2007 affiliation fee due

Affiliation fee posted

Bearbrook Joggers

Entry forms for Hardwick X-Country (18-02-07)

Notice board & Events Diary

Hasting Lions Club

Entry forms for Hastings Half (11-03-07)

Notice board & Events Diary

BCAA Chairman

BCAA newsletter; Minutes of 2006 BCAA AGM


Copenhagen Marathon

Entry forms Copenhagen Marathon (20-05-0)

Events Diary


Inspire Magazine (6 copies)


Bracknell Athletic Club

Results of BCAA X-country Champs


AAA of England

Preliminary notice of AGM



2007 affiliation fee due; Info. Update #104; report on recent EGM

Affiliation fee sent with completed questionnaire


Subscription to South of England Athletic Association (SEAA)

As discussed at our recent club AGM, from 1st April 2007 it will be necessary for our club and members to affiliate to the new body ‘England Athletics’.  As I understood it, we must renew our affiliation to our regional body (SEAA) from 1st January to 1st April 2007 (£15) but, thereafter, affiliation to SEAA will be optional.  Therefore, at our AGM, we voted not to continue affiliation with SEAA after 1st April, because that would be an additional expense from our limited funds.


I recently received a letter from SEAA, which has clarified things.  The letter stated: ‘..the Association’s affiliation fee from 1st January 2007 will be 25% of the fee paid in 2006 (£15 for a club with <25 members).  This fee will give membership to the Association until 31st March 2008 (15 months)….It must be borne in mind that affiliation to the sport of athletics will be payable to England Athletics Limited from 1st April 2007…..from this date, to be able to compete in athletics as a club and as individual belonging to a club, affiliation to England Athletics is necessary.  This will mean that the club and its members will be covered by the UK Athletics Public Liability Insurance Scheme.  Affiliation to SEAA after that date will be optional.  It will entitle clubs and individual club members to participate in SEAA Championships at all disciplines….and to ask advice of the Association…..and to make use of the facilities offered by the SEAA Office.  From 1st April 2008, membership to SEAA will continue as long as a club affiliates to England Athletics and pays an approved but nominal fee to SEAA….’


Therefore, we have sent off the £15 SEAA affiliation fee and this means that we are affiliated to the Association until 31st March 2008 (not 31st March 2007, as I had originally thought) which means that our members can compete in SEAA championships (including the IOW Fell Race series) until that date.



Compton Harriers Christmas Meal


A total of 21 members and partners attended the Christmas meal at The Red Lion in Upper Basildon, where we were made very welcome.  The date coincided with Maggy’s 60th birthday, which pleased Tom because it meant he didn’t have to take her out anywhere else.  Thanks to Lucy, Tom and Mo, several quizzes and competitions were held throughout the evening, and we were also entertained by Martin’s turban and fireworks.  At the end of the evening, prizes were presented to the competition winners.  Kirsty and Andy won Tom’s ‘Spot the Harrier’, while Lucy and Martin scored top marks in Tom’s quiz.  The winners of Mo’s ‘Running Music’ quiz were Aisling, Jan K, and Pete.  Sue got top marks in Lucy’s ‘Identify the club vest’ competition, while Gerry was top scorer amongst the non-Harriers.  Lucy and Jan won Sue’s ‘Embarrassing Events’ quiz.  The London Marathon Club Entry was awarded to Pete (much to Tom’s relief), who will now join at least six other Harriers at Greenwich on 22nd April.  Susanne’s Bike Challenge was jointly won by Sue and Mo, who were presented with a 2Kg chocolate stack for their efforts.  Thanks to Sus for organsing the challenge and for giving such a generous and appropriate prize (it’s all been eaten now!!).  Finally, on behalf of all Compton Harriers, Pete presented a bottle of wine to Jan as a token of appreciation for her support throughout the year (see Jan’s letter below).  Thanks to Pete for once again organising a very enjoyable and successful evening to round off the year.



“Dear Harriers


Many thanks for the bottle of wine which you presented to me at your Christmas Dinner.  Although very much appreciated, it really is unnecessary to thank me for my minor contribution to your commendable achievements throughout the year.  It is a pleasure for me to be able to make myself useful as your handicap timekeeper.  (Did I say ‘pleasure’?  On some of the wetter, colder, darker Thursday evenings, pleasure is perhaps not the dominant emotion experienced, but I’m sure my task is still much easier than yours is).  It is Sue who should take all credit for the success of your handicap races.  I remain in awe of her ability to do all those clever sums in calculating your times.


At time of writing (Monday 18th December) I am still struggling with the moral dilemma of deciding whether to place my bottle on the Christmas dinner table to share with our guests, or whether to hide it away until after they’ve all gone home when I can relax after having cooked for twelve.  Of course, it might not survive beyond Christmas Eve when I’m sure it will provide welcome relief to my PMT (pre-merriment-tension).


I would also like to say thanks to Pete for organising such an enjoyable Harriers Christmas Meal.  It was lovely to meet Aisling, Emma and Gerry, and to share in Maggy’s birthday celebrations.

Thanks again, and here’s wishing you all many more PBs in 2007.



Oxford Mail cross-country league



Race 2, Culham Park, 3rd December: The Culham course was a tough one – what you’d call a true cross-country test.  It was based around a motocross course and a meadow alongside the river Thames.  Recent heavy rain ensured that the motocross course was extremely muddy, and that much of the meadow was boggy or flooded.  The ladies ran one large lap, while the men ran three smaller laps.  Each lap began with 2Km of zigzag-ing up and down a ridge on the motocross course.  The hills were steep and the deep mud reduced some of us to a walk in places.  Once onto the flat meadow it was easier going underfoot but running alongside the river there was a biting head wind.  There were 129 finishers in the ladies 5K race, which was won by W. Jones (Cirencester) in 19:34.  Sue was 10th in 23:19.  With Team Kennet runners finishing 16th, 66th, 92nd and 101st, our combined team finished 7th.

There were 257 finishers in the mens 9K race, which was won by S. Kimber (Headington) in 32:17.  The ‘A’ team of Tom Munt (17th), M. Shepherd (41st), Iain Adams (61st), Nick Bull (75th), R. Findlay (129th), Dick (143rd in 44:31) and Pete (220th in 50:56) was 2nd in Division 2 of the league.  The ‘B’ team of Mark Pontin (221st), Rich (230th in 52:27), Kev (235th in 53:32), Matt (238th in 54:00) and Dave Simmons (242nd) was 20th.



Race 3, Radley College, 31st December: Sue and Pete were Compton’s representatives in this event, and the course was another testing one.  Each lap started on the college playing fields, before skirting round buildings and onto parkland.  The ground was very waterlogged and much of the course had slippery surface mud.  We followed edges of grassy fields then a ploughed field.  The route then crossed a stream three times, before taking us back up to the playing fields.  The ladies ran two laps and the men ran three.  The stream banks were muddy, slippery and steep, but most of the ladies traversed with no major problems.  However, by the second lap of the men’s race, the stream banks had become very slippery and, while supporting the Team Kennet men, we witnessed some spectacular falls, slides and splashes (including by the eventual race winner) and competitors were emerging from the mire plastered in mud from head to toe.  There were 137 finishers in the ladies 5K race, which was won by W. Jones (Cirencester) in 19:12.  Sue was 13th in 22:07.  With Team Kennet runners finishing 30th, 71st and 66th, our combined team finished 7th.

The men’s 9K race was won by Matthew Ashton (Witney) in 28:40.  Team Kennet performances included Tom Munt (11th), Iain Adams (64th), Nick Bull (67th), and Pete (247th in 47:24).  The team was 2nd in Division 2 of the league.

Next race: Sunday 4th February, Cirencester Park, see


Handicap Race


For the last Handicap Race of 2006, we had mild weather but had to contend with a blustery wind, and roadworks round Cheap Street.  Tom had a storming run, running a minute faster than he has done in recent months, and finished with a minute’s lead to take home the trophy.  Kev, despite equaling his PB in less than perfect conditions, had to be content with second place, following a run of three wins.  Kirsty, in third, was just inside her handicap while Lucy, in fourth, was just outside hers.  Sue battled hard to catch Mo at the end.  Mo began to sprint and looked like beating Sue to the line….until he pulled a muscle.  Thanks to Jan for timing, and well done Tom.  The next Handicap Race, scheduled for Thursday 18th January, will be the first race in the ‘2007 Handicap Race Championship Series’ (see below for details).





Start time

Finish time

Actual time

Handicap Beaten?







































Handicap Race Championship Series 2007

1.      The ‘championship’ will consist of nine handicap races during 2007 (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Nov, Dec).

2.      The route will be the usual Village Lap (3.07 km, 1.92 miles).

3.      A competitor’s start time for a given race will be determined from the average of his/her previous four performances.

4.      In each race, points will be awarded for finishing position: 7 points for the winner, 6 for the runner-up, down to 2 for the sixth finisher, all subsequent finishers getting 1 point.

5.      If a runner starts before or after their allotted set-off time, his/her points score will be determined from the position he/she would have finished had he/she started at the correct time.

6.      A runner taking part in the Handicap Race for the first time, will score 1 point, and establish a start time for the next race.

7.      At the end of the nine races, a competitor’s best seven scores will be taken to give their Championship total.  If a competitor takes part in fewer than seven handicap races, then the scores from all of their races will count.

8.      The person with the highest points total at the end of the nine-race-series will be crowned 2007 Handicap Champion at the 2007 Christmas Dinner.


Website update…




For a change this month, I am providing an article which I found whilst reading through one of the many email newsletters I receive from a variety of running sources that I have subscribed to at moments of weakness and/or madness in my search for useful information on the subject of running.  Some of you may be familiar with the much-used acronym SMART in relation to the way you carry out your duties effectively and efficiently during employment … well, the article uses the same acronym in relation to the improvement of your running motivation, effectiveness and efficiency …


SMART principles will enable you to get the most out of your training. You may be full of enthusiasm and drive and have a plan to boost your endurance, strength and flexibility but the initial wave on enthusiasm can lead to you doing too much too soon. You can end up over-tired, sore and disillusioned at which point you will probably head for the sofa and reach for the TV remote again.

The sensible approach is to be patient, start slowly and get into a routine that will suit you personally and then stick to it! The key to staying motivated is to have a SMART approach which means thinking about what you want to achieve and setting yourself realistic goals. These goals will need to be …


Be specific about what you want to achieve. Turn ‘I want to be fitter’ into ‘I want to be able to run three miles without feeling exhausted’. Turn ‘I want to use the gym more’ into ‘I want to go to the gym three times a week’. You should be able to see whether you have achieved your goals or not. Don’t throw in the towel if you fail. Accept it, revise your goals and move on.

Being specific is a big step towards having measurable goals. Measurable means being able to see whether you have achieved your goal or close you were to the target. You may not be up to three miles before exhaustion takes over, but if you are at 2.5 miles that is not absolute failure! You can see that you have moved nearer to your goal and this will keep up the enthusiasm as you approach your goal.

You may intend going to the gym three times a week. A crisis at work or home may mean this becomes unrealistic. Don’t throw your hands up and say ‘I’ve failed!’ Be flexible, you can always exercise or run from home instead and cut down to two sessions for that week. Adapt to take into account changing circumstances. You may be getting fitter more quickly or more slowly than you expected, so adjust goals accordingly.

There’s nothing more demoralising than setting yourself goals that are either too easy or too difficult. You either achieve them early or have nothing more to aim for! Set a goal or series of goals that you can achieve but are reasonably challenging. Remember to adjust your goals rather than sticking with ones that become inappropriate.

The best way of setting goals is to have a series of them. You should set some short, medium and long-term goals. In particular, focus on daily and weekly goals to give you motivation to get out there every time. Your short term goals should be stepping stones towards longer terms goals. For example, going to the gym or for a run three times this week will take you towards your goal of being able to run a 10K for example.


Should you wish to read more articles from the same source, then a visit to should keep you occupied for hours!





Events Diary: A selection of local and other well known events for your information.  If you need any entry forms, I can email some of them on request and others are likely to be on the club notice board if not available on the relevant website.   



Sun 07 Jan 

GORING, WOODCOTE & DISTRICT 10K, 10:30 am Woodcote


Sun 14 Jan

ROUGH ‘N’ TUMBLE 10, 11:00 am Milton Lilbourne Village Hall

10 m

WENDOVER MULTI-TERRAIN 5, 11:00am Wendover Woods,

5 m

Sun 21 Jan



LAKESIDE CANAL RUN, 10 am, Lakeside Centre, Frimley Green


Sun 28 Jan

RYDE 10, 10:00 am, Ryde Rowing Club, Isle of Wight

10 m

Sun 04 Feb  



LONGLEAT 10KM, 10 am, Longleat House,nr Warminster


Sat 10 Feb

BRANDS HATCH HALF MARATHON, 10:00am, Brands Hatch,


MOB TRING2TOWN2 , 9:00am Rose and Crown Hotel, Tring

46 m

Runner's World

Sun 11 Feb



WOKINGHAM HALF-MARATHON, 10:00am, Cantley Park

13.1 m

MEON VALLEY PLOD 19.5, 10:30am, HMS Mercury, East Meon

19.5 m

DURSLEY DOZEN, 10:30am, Old Spot pub

12 m

Sat 17 Feb


50 m

Sun 18 Feb

HARDWICK X-STREAM, 11:00am, Village Hall, Hardwick

~6 m

Sun 25 Feb

GORING 10K, 11:00am, Scout Hut  (Adjacent to Fire Station)

10 k

TERMINATOR 10, 10:30am, Pewsey School

10 m

Sun 04 Mar  



BARCELONA MARATHON08:30 am, Barcelona




PUMA WOBURN 10K, 10:00am, Woburn Safari Park

10 k

Sun 11 Mar  

THE GRIZZLY – 10:30 am Seaton, Devon. (Entries closed)

20ish m

BANBURY 15, 10:30am, Spiceball Park Sports Centre, Banbury

15 m

Sun 18 Mar  


13.1 m

Sun 25 Mar  

READING ½ MARATHON, 10:05am, Madejski Stadium

13.1 m

Sun 01 Apr  

SOUTH COAST ½ MARATHON, 10 & 5K 10:00am Seaford, East S

13.1 m


13.1 m

Fri 06 Apr

MAIDENHEAD EASTER 10, 9:30am, Nortel, Westacott Way

10 m

Mon 09 Apr

WEST WIGHT THREE HILLS 8, 12:00pm, Sports Centre, Freshwater

8 m

Sun 15 Apr  

THAMES TOWPATH TEN, 9:30am, Chiswick, TW8 9PT

10 m

Sun 22 Apr  

THE LONDON MARATHON9:00 am, Greenwich, London

26.2 m   

Sun 29 Apr

BRACKNELL ½ MARATHON, 9:00am, South Hill Park

13.1 m

Sun 20 May

THE WINDERMERE MARATHON 2007, Cunbria, Lake District

26.2 m 

COPENHAGEN MARATHON, 9:30am, Royal Library

26.2 m









 (Mo – January 2007)