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No. 137, July 2004





Welcome to July’s Harriers Herald. We start with Thursday night schedules for July and August, then a few Good Wishes to various members.  There follows some details of the forthcoming BBSRC Sports Day, then two short articles from Dick including a request for helpers for a checkpoint for the Ridgeway Run.  There are results and short reports for the Handicap Race, Boundary Race and Lambourn 6K race. One of the highlights of last month was the Ridgeway Relay, once again a great team effort.  I’ve included a short report and summary of our team results.  Finally, Mo updates us with the latest Website news and links and forthcoming Fixtures.

Sue F



Thursday night schedule for July

Thurs    1st                    Lucy to lead

Thurs    8th                    Tom to lead

Thurs    15th                  Marie to lead

Thurs    22nd                       Mo to lead                  

Thurs    29th                  Handicap Race



Thursday night schedule for August

Thurs    5th                    Sue P to lead run at Aldbourne

Thurs 12th                     Dennis & Sue C to lead run round Snelsmore Common

Thurs 19th                           Sue F to lead

Thurs    26th                  Martin to lead



Congratulations and Good Luck

            Birthday Wishes this month to Susanne, Andy, Tom, Phil, Mo and anyone else who happens to have been born in this popular month!

Good Luck to Kirsty and Andy for the imminent arrival of Baby Bayley, and to Dick for his forthcoming back operation.

Good Luck also to Dennis Hubbard, Sue (ex-Compton Harriers) and daughter Georgina who are off to begin their new life in Spain in mid-August.  Dennis and Sue would like to lead a ‘farewell run’ round Snelsmore Common (near Newbury) probably on 12th August.

Finally, congratulations to Sue P, who starts a new job in Oxford in August, but still hopes to meet the Harriers for a few Thursday runs.

BBSRC Sports Day details

            This year’s BBSRC inter-institute Sports Day takes place at Rothamsted Research Institute, Harpenden, Hertfordshire on Friday 9th July.  It’s a fun event for all standards, usually ending with a BBQ and band/disco.  For any Institute employees taking part, it’s a day off.  But ‘ringers’ are always welcome.  If there are any more takers, please let Sue know ASAP.  The details of the running events are:

Relay: Starts approx. 10:40 am; team of four (must be at least one of each gender); each runner does one lap of 450-metre course on grass round main sports field.

Cross-country: Starts approx. 4:30 pm; maximum of ten runners and the scoring four must include at least one of each gender; course about 4.5 miles on undulating tracks around Rothamsted Farm.



The Ridgeway Relay spectator's view



I am ashamed to admit that it is all too infrequently that I am moved sufficiently to put finger to keyboard and produce something for the Herald.  The event that has prompted me this time is the Ridgeway Relay.  As someone who currently enjoys the status of ex-runner, it was a privilege and pleasure to be witness to the Harriers' efforts.  I am sure that elsewhere in this edition there will be a proper account of the goings-on, so I will leave the story to those better equipped to tell the tale.  I would just like to say that the commitment and team spirit shown by all was truly amazing.  I was very proud to be associated with the Club.  Finally I wish to thank all involved for allowing me to feel part of a great team and especially to thank Martin for his organisation and motivation, well done all.


The First 86 mile Ridgeway Run - Saturday 28th August


Having at last pulled my finger out to type I find I have more to say than I thought.


Some time ago the possibility of Compton Harriers manning the half-way checkpoint for this event on the Saturday of August Bank Holiday weekend was mooted.  Well, as fools rush in, I have made a commitment on behalf of The Harriers to Anthony Taylor the principal organiser. 


The check will be open from approximately 17.00 on Saturday until 02.30 at Goring Village Hall.  If you would like to be part of the team on duty please let me know by e-mither on ASAP.  (I suspect that there will be plenty to do at other times too, so if you could help other than these times, I will be very pleased to hear from you.)


While I'm on the subject of marshalling and things, Team Kennet will be staging their Triathlon on Sunday 5th September.  I know that Iain and Nick are short of marshals for the cycle and run sections respectively.  I have enjoyed helping at this very well organised event in the past and am sure that they will be pleased to hear from you if you can spare time on the day.




Handicap Race (Village Lap)

Sue F

            For June’s handicap race, we reverted to the 2-mile Village Lap route, so there was time for a short run over the Downs after the race.   Four runners took part and it was a very close race, only 20 seconds separating first and last, with everyone beating their predicted times.  Lucy set off first and couldn’t be caught, though Susanne was close.  Both had excellent races, Lucy breaking the 14 minute barrier for the first time, and Susanne running under 13 minutes, also a personal best.  Martin is certainly getting back to form, and recorded the evening’s fastest time to take third place.  Sue B paid for her fast start and found the last few minutes a struggle, but still managed a decent time.  Well done Lucy and thanks to Jan for time keeping.  The next handicap race is scheduled for Thursday 29th July.




Start time

Finish time

Actual time

Handicap Beaten?




















Sue B







Boundary Race, 24th June

Sue F

            It was great to see a grand total of forty-two competitors taking part in the running and walking events around the 8.1-mile Boundary course.  The weather was warm, though there was quite a stiff breeze in places, and two short sharp rain showers to cool off the competitors.  Dick and Tom calculated that this was probably the 30th annual running of the Boundary Races.  With several of the usual leading male runners not participating due to injuries or other commitments, the overall first and second places were taken, apparently for the first time, by females.  Not just ordinary females – vegetarian females! (that’ll teach you to poke fun at veggies!).  Sue F knocked nearly two minutes off her 2003 time to win the race.  The lady who took second place, 41-year-old Maria Whittle, is a past winner of the event and an ex-Compton Harrier who now lives elsewhere but whose parents still live in Compton.  Having said she doesn’t run much these days, she put in a very impressive performance.  In third place was the first man, Eric Lefevre, who surely is a wasted talent – he only runs occasionally and smokes like a chimney!  The walking race was won by Damer Blake, with Lisa Rothwell and Catherine Whittaker next to finish.  The full results are given on the next page.

Several club members assisted before, on and after the event day, which was a great help.  Thanks to Jan and Dick for time keeping; Dick for doing the presentation; Lucy, Susanne, Elo, Mo and Pete putting out and collecting the course-markers; Andy for sorting the BBQ finances.  Also, Ian Hope did his usual good job on the drinks station, while Judy and Richard Eynon took charge of the barbecue.  It’s a great help knowing I can rely of you all to help the event run so smoothly.

Boundary Run and Walk Results 2004













Sue Baigent-Francis




Damer Blake



Maria Whittle




Lisa Rothwell



Eric Lefevre



Catherine Whittaker


Phillip Brookes




Aparna Jagannathan



Terry Field




Sanjay Jagannathan


Will Goodman



Andrew Green


Simon Patchett




Phil Green



Sue Paulin



Margaret Green


Fiona Wycherley




Lowrie Taylor


Chris Rowland


Abigail Blakey


Tom Doy



Chris Smith


Geoff Oldham




Fiona Powell



Lucy Gettins



Jason Chattoo

Susanne Enhard


Tuang Yeow Poh


Malcolm Francis




Suchu Balu



Claire Jackson



Ruth Bashforth


Ross Saddler



Sue Fen Kwa


Pete Humphreys




Katie Gentle

Approx 2:20:00


Dave Paulin



Caroline Jones

Sally Matthews





Tess Standfast






Sonya Rowe






Alison Bowen






Note, all times given are actual time taken to complete the route but:

(1)   Lucy & Susanne started the run late, at about 6pm and timed themselves

(2)   Pete, Dave, Sally & Tess all took a wrong turn & ran considerably further than 8.1M

(3)   Sonya & Alison started with the walkers so they could jog/walk the route

(4)   Katy & Caroline started the walk late, at about 5pm


Lambourn 6K, 27th June

Sue F

            Sue and Mo took part in this friendly, low-key, local event organised by Lambourn Leisure Centre.  Although billed as a fun-run, it never the less attracts some good local runners.  It was a pleasant summer day, and we recognised quite a few of the other competitors who joined us on the line for the rather informal start (“it’s a bit muddy at the top of the hill; 3-2-1-go!”).  It’s a nice course, very well marshalled, and mostly on quiet country roads.  From 1-3 K it’s quite a tough uphill towards the Ridgeway, but the next 2K back down into Lambourn is far more enjoyable.  Sue and Mo were both pleased with their performances – Sue finished 7th (first lady) in 23:47, over a minute quicker than in 2003, while Mo crossed the line in 32:48 almost exactly the same as his 2003 time.  The race was won by under-20 Owain Bristow (White Horse Harriers) in a very impressive time of 20:37.  Quite a few youngsters and first-time runners completed the course, along with a lady who pushed her young baby round in his buggy.  The results and presentation were done very promptly, so we even had time for a couple of drinks in The Plough at Eastbury, before returning home.


The Ridgeway Relay, 20th June 2004

Sue F


            Thanks to Martin’s organisation, the Harriers once again had a team in the annual Ridgeway Relay.  Nine of the team of ten, with injured supporter Dick, met up at Ivinghoe Beacon to see Martin set off on Stage 1, with 38 other teams, at 7:30 am.  Martin was really ‘up for it’ and he got us off to a flying start.  For the first 2 miles, he led the field before settling into a more comfortable pace.  He passed over to Susanne in a brilliant 6th position.  While warming up, Susanne had already weighed up the opposition and decided which of those people who had set off ahead of her she should be able to catch.  She put in a fine performance, gaining two places and knocking a couple of minutes off her 2003 time.  Mo took over at Whiteleaf Hill to begin his stage, which was at least a mile longer this year (as the end changeover point had been moved to a supposedly more convenient place) so he had to run the first part of the old Stage 4.  But Mo was not perturbed by the extra distance and had one of his best runs of late to pass over to his wife near Lewknor.  He seemed totally oblivious to the fact that he had big red splodges of blood on both sides of his running vest!


The weather was alternating between warm sunshine and short sharp showers, a pattern that continued all day.  Sue set off on Stage 4, a shorter distance this year, in the sun, but later got a good soaking.  She had a good run to gradually gain a few places before passing over to Tom at Swyncombe.  Tom hadn’t had time to put in as much training as usual, and he wasn’t looking forward to the 10-mile run to South Stoke.  When Mo and Sue next saw Tom, at about 2 miles into his stage, Mo asked him if he was alright, and Tom replied ‘No!’.  Mo asked if Tom wanted anything.  ‘Yes’, said Tom as he disappeared down a lane to Nuffield golf course, ‘The end!!’.  Shortly after this, and just to add to Tom’s misery, there was a short sharp hailstorm!  Fortunately, Tom was looking more cheerful when we next saw him along Grim’s Ditch and he continued well to pass over to Iain Adams at South Stoke (Iain is a honorary Harrier, by virtue of being Vicky’s other half), for one of the two toughest stages in the event.  Despite a brisk head wind on the long, exposed climb up to Bury Down, Iain had an excellent run, gaining places before handing over to Vicky for Stage 7.


Vicky had been very nervous all day, but set off well while we spectators drove to The Monument to see her at about 3 miles.  As we waited, Tom got out his binoculars to see if the runner in the distance was Vicky.  Iain assured us it was indeed his girlfriend….until the runner got a bit closer.  But we didn’t have much longer to wait for the real Vicky who was running consistently and continued to do so until she handed over to Lucy, near Wantage.  We managed to see Lucy at Blowing Stone Hill and near Wayland’s Smithy.  On both occasions she looked to be really enjoying herself and was running strongly.  Lucy maintained our club’s position (by this time, we didn’t know what our true position was, as there had been a couple of mass-starts to prevent the slower teams from getting too far behind) and handed over to Nigel who had a tough 10-mile stage ahead of him.


We next saw Nigel on the Ridgeway track above Ogbourne St. George and he was going well.  Nigel had been a bit concerned about taking the right route through the village, but strategic placing of a few Harriers ensured he found his way through, to embark on the long climb up to Barbury Castle.  Here, Pete Humphreys was waiting for his debut performance for Compton Harriers (we must get his subs soon!).  Pete seemed pretty laid back – he’d even had an ice cream at White Horse Hill while waiting for Lucy to run past!


Nigel finished well and Pete took off.  We managed to catch him at Hackpen Hill but, after that, there was no meeting point for another 5 miles.  We waited at Manton House car park, and cheered the other teams through.  Pete had gained one place, and picked up yet another before bringing the Harriers safely and successfully home to Marlborough Leisure Centre.  We finished in a time of 11:50:27, our position by time being a very creditable 21st out of 39 teams.  Amazingly, over a time of almost 12 hours, we were just 3 minutes quicker than in 2003 – now that’s consistency for you.  The winning team was Reading Athletic Club ‘A’ team (9:36:28) ahead of Bearbrook Joggers and Headington Road Runners.


            It was an excellent team effort and good day out, ending with a trip to ‘The Bear’ in Marlborough where we met up with Jan and Hannah, who took a team photograph for us.  There were several things that were particularly good this year.  Firstly, nine of our team were there from start to finish, so the team spirit was even better than usual.  Secondly, none of our team got lost.  And finally, Martin seemed a lot less stressed this year!  Getting his run over with early and being able to enjoy the rest of the day obviously suited him well.  Thanks for organising us once again Martin.  Thanks also to Dick who, unable to run this year, came along to support for the whole day and obviously really enjoyed himself.



Ridgeway Relay – Compton Harriers Results Summary






Stage Distance, miles (total distance covered)

Time for stage

Pace per mile


Martin Fray

Ivinghoe Beacon





Susanne Enhard

Wendover High Street

5.1 (11.9)




Mo Francis

Whiteleaf, Princes Risborough

8.7 (17.0)




Sue Francis

Track beyond M40, Lewknor

6.1 (25.7)




Tom Doy

Swyncombe House

10.3 (31.8)




Iain Adams

‘Perch & Pike’, South Stoke

10.3 (42.1)




Vicky Jordan

Bury Down Car Park

9.1 (52.4)




Lucy Gettins

Parking area S.W. of Wantage

7.9 (61.5)




Nigel Henton

Lane S. of Charlbury Hill

10.4 (69.4)




Pete Humphreys

Barbury Castle

9.2 (79.8)





Marlborough Leisure Centre



Average 7:58



Full results available on Marlborough Running Club’s website

Website update…



Sorry about the rather rushed report this month … no, it’s nothing to do with the new Mrs Francis!!  I had everything planned out with various bits of information stored on my main pc when it decided to pack up on me.  Unfortunately, it seems to have packed up in a big way … I think the hard drive has given up the ghost.  This means that I am at present unable to update the website until repairs have been completed.  I have my fingers crossed that all my data hasn’t been lost as I haven’t carried out a full back-up for some time.  Never mind, I will have to cross over that hurdle when it presents itself.

In the meantime, if you are in need of a new pair of running shoes (well, one wouldn’t be much good would it?), then now may be a good time to check out as they have a sale on at the moment.  The website also shows a map of the locations of the Up & Running shops … the nearest one to us is in London Road, Headington, Oxford.  The website has an excellent range of shoes, clothing and accessories.

In my desperate search to find something of interest, I came across a site concerned with survival out in the wilderness.  It is aimed mainly at people that spend quite a lot of time travelling with back-pack, camping, canoeing or cycling in the great outdoors, but there are some very interesting sections on survival.  Amongst other topics, the site covers how to cope with heat exhaustion, dehydration, diarrhoea from polluted water etc. so I think you may find it of some interest.  The address is .

Whilst on the subject of the great outdoors, how about a visit to  The site provides a variety of interesting ideas for eating out for both meat eaters and veggies.  One particular recipe caught my eye ... Rabbit in Mole sauce … of course, I immediately had visions of liquidised furry animals until I read that the Mole sauce is made from tomatoes, almonds, onions, green chillies all pureed with unsweetened chocolate!  (All no doubt found out in the wild!)


Fixtures: A selection of local and other well known events for your information:-


·   Saturday, 3 July 2004 Datchet Dash 10K at Dorney Lake, Windsor, Berkshire. 

   (Entry forms on Harriers Notice Board)


·   Sunday, 4 July 2004  Samaritans 10K Sam Run  Crowthorne, Berkshire

   (Entry forms on Harriers Notice Board)


·   Sunday, 4 July 2004  Tadley Runners Summer 10K  Tadley, Hampshire


·   Sunday, 11 July 2004 New Forest 10 Brockenhurst, Hampshire

   Includes 3 Mile Fun Run, ½ Mile Fun Run, 1 Mile Fun Run


·   Sunday, 25 July 2004  Thames Run 10K Wallingford, Oxfordshire


·   Sunday, 15 August 2004 Burnham Beeches Half Marathon (Includes 3K Fun Run)

   Farnham Common, Buckinghamshire 


Travel the web in safety,

(Mo - July 2004)