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No. 147, May 2005



Welcome to May’s Harriers Herald.  This issue begins with Thursday night schedules and Secretary’s correspondence followed by some information on the registration of foreign athletes, and the forthcoming IAH Relay. Race reports include the recent Handicap Race, the Grizzly (thanks to Susanne), the London Marathon (thanks to Lucy), with brief results for the Pewsey 10K and the Silverstone 10K.  With Susanne’s permission, I have not corrected the original ‘Danish spelling’ in her Grizzly article because it makes for amusing reading!  Finally, Mo’s Website contribution this month features bargain running shoes for small feet, and a ‘clubfinder’ website.  His Fixtures list covers a variety of local and other well-known races for May and June to keep you motivated.


Thursday night schedule for May

Thurs    5th                    Vicky to lead - Stanford Dingley

Thurs    12th                   Tom to lead - Awayday at Inkpen

Thurs    19th                   IAH Relay - Start & finish in the Cricket Field

Thurs    26th                   Marie to lead


Thursday night schedule for June

Thurs    2nd                    Mo to lead

Thurs    9th                    Handicap Race

Thurs    16th                   Sue to lead

Thurs    23rd                   Boundary Race?

Thurs    30th                   Boundary Race?


Correspondence received by Secretary, February 2005

Abbreviations:  BCAA = Berkshire County Athletic Association; SEAA = South of England Athletic Association; AAA = Amateur Athletic Association of England; UKA = UK Athletics


** Interesting reading, if anyone wants to borrow it


Correspondence received


Subject matter



Entry forms for Berks Track & Field Champs



Athletics Welfare file (mostly child welfare); Coaching newsletter; Official’s newsletter

File; welfare questionnaire completed

BCAA Chairman

Request for a volunteer Treasurer for BCAA

E-mailed round to members


**Medical Resource File (covers 1st Aid, injury management, asthma, accident report forms…)

Details on club’s insurance under UKA



Entry forms for Horwich Carnival 10K; Info. Update #87

Forms to notice-board


Entry standards & entry forms for AAA Track & Field Champs (European & Commonwealth trials)


Association of British Athletics Clubs (ABAC)

A new association formed by unpaid individuals who are unhappy about the way UKA manage our sport in an expensive & bureaucratic manner.  Set up to fully restore & protect democratic right of clubs to govern their own sport.  They encourage all clubs to join.  Trouble is, it costs £25.

Discuss on a club night? / File


Registration of ‘Foreign Athletes’ with SEAA


I recently received some forms for ‘Application for Registration of a Foreign Athlete’ from SEAA.  Last year, we registered Susanne, at a cost of £10 for one year, but I have never actually read anything which explains who should be registered and when.  So, I contacted the appropriate officer (Mr. Fred Wooding) at SEAA to enquire:

·        Should all foreign athletes be registered, or only those of a particular standard?

·        Are there any penalties for not registering a foreign athlete (i.e., if Susanne was to win a trophy in a 10K race, could it be taken away from her if she wasn’t registered?)

I explained that, as a small club, potential registration of two foreign athletes (Susanne & Phil) would be relatively expensive for us, so we needed to find out if it was necessary.

Mr. Wooding was very helpful and said the rules for registration were fairly flexible and depended on individual circumstances

·        An athlete must be resident in the UK for 2 months prior to competition in an open team event.

·        Any foreign athlete who has lived in this country for several years can be considered a ‘resident foreign athlete’ and does not need to be registered.

·        However, a ‘resident foreign athlete’ must “if so selected, be willing to compete for Great Britain and Northern Ireland” (instead of for their own country).

·        A foreign athlete who is only temporarily in the UK, or who is here permanently but would want to represent their own country in an international competition, should be registered at a cost of £10 each year.

So, as long as Susanne and Phil are happy to be ‘resident foreign athletes’ we do not need to register them.  If Denmark or Kenya call upon them for the next Olympics, we will have to reconsider!


IAH Compton Relay Race 2005

Sue F


The Relay will be held on Thursday 19th May, starting at 5:30 pm from the Cricket Field.  The route will be the same as last year, with each stage being 1.6 miles (2530 metres), starting and finishing in the Cricket Field.

As usual, the BBQ will be burning and the Bar open with a drink voucher for all competitors and helpers, and there is a trophy for the winning team.

The start will be handicapped as last year, with advantages of 2 minutes for each Lady and 0.5 minutes for each Veteran.  Teams of four can be entered from now (but preferably before 12th May).

Last year’s winning team consisted of an IAH employee, his son and two ‘ringers’.  Although we want to encourage as many people as possible to participate, the event is put on by Rec. Soc./Compton Harriers primarily for on-site employees (IAH/Jenner/Schering-Plough), Rec. Soc. members and their families.  This year I am suggesting that, in each team, at least two members should be employees (IAH, Jenner or S-P) and/or other Rec. Soc. members, but that up to two team members can be relatives, friends or other guests.


The full Boundary Race (8.5M) is provisionally set for either Thursday 23rd or Thursday 30th June.


Handicap Race



            April’s Handicap Race took place on a pleasant evening – warm, still, dry and sunny – making for some good performances all round.  Although there were only six of us, we gave Jan a tough job by all finishing within the space of 19 seconds.  Mo set off first and, running his quickest time for some months, did well to hold on to the lead as the pack was closing in behind him.  Dick, taking second place, recorded his best time of the year while Susanne and Pete, in third and fourth, both narrowly missed their P.B.s.  Having run a good London Marathon just four days previously, Lucy had another good run.  I started last, and couldn’t quite catch anyone this time, but was rewarded with the evening’s fastest time.  There is no Handicap Race scheduled for May, as we have the IAH relay instead, but June’s race is provisionally booked for Thursday 9th June.




Start time

Finish time

Actual time

Handicap Beaten?







































The Grizzly, 13th March



As fare as I remember it was Klaus, my brother, who talked me into running the Grizzly.  He had seen some beautifully pictures hanging in Tom’s kitchen on a Sunday run.  I had previously heard about the race through Compton Harriers and the only word which was mentioned every time it was on the agenda was mud and shingles.  So how he managed to persuade me I am not quit sure, but if he stayed by my side all the way I agreed.  The bottom line was that after 6 month hard training with Tom acting as my coach I was now standing, Friday the 11 March, with my brother, his wife and Elo in Beer, Seaton.  Klaus, very keen and excited about the event ahead, thought we should spend the whole Saturday exploring the route.  Which we did, apart from the bug.  Doing so led me doubt that I would be able to finish.  But I kept telling myself that at least we probably, in this dry weather, would be spared the bug!


Saturday evening we meet up with the rest of the Compton Harriers.  Not at our usual Grizzly pub because it apparently had burnt down.  The food was lovely but perhaps not the usual Compton sizes so we all agreed to have a pudding as well.  Lucy had made us all a goodie bag for tomorrow’s event which turn out to be very popular.


We woke on Sunday to a beautiful morning.  I like to have at least 3 hours for my breakfast to settle before a run so I quietly sat on the corridor eating my usual pre-run meal consisting of half a beagel with peanut butter, the other half with honey.  I do not particular like beagles but before a long run it apparently suits me well.


We decided to leave well in time to Seaton thinking it might be difficult to get a parking space but that was not a problem – we even had time for a café stop where we had the opportunities to check out the toilets.  As I was sitting there my mind started to wander and I found it difficult to comprehend that I was about to cover 20 tough miles within the next hours - would I be able to, though I was not alone in doing this I still felt somewhat apprehensive.


At the start we managed to meet up with Tom, Mo, Sue, Peter and Nigel.  Doing a lot of training with Tom, I reminded Klaus that he had to make sure that I ran with him and not by habit follow in Tom’s tail.  I never did hear the start but suddenly we were off to a music tune that made my skin turn into goose bobbles - it must have been something sentimental.

Only after a few yards we had our first encounter with the shingles.  I just managed to hear in the noise Tom shouting to me go for the big stones which actually made a big difference.


After a few miles we decide it was time to find our first pitch stop and at the same time reorganize our cloth, as it was rather warm.  Only a further few miles down the road it was time for our second stop, it must have been the coffee we had in Seaton.  I think by now we had seen Lucy and Peter a couple of time and they both looked very strong.


At the Bransombe mouth we meet up with Dorthe and Elo, who beforehand had been instructed to meet us at different places with all sort of food and cloths.  At this time we were still working our way through Lucy’s goodie bag so we assured them that we were fine.


Along the route a fellow runner mistakenly took me for a first aid runner.  It must have been my rucksack I was carrying.  I told him that if it could make him feel better he was welcome to stay close to me but he should not expect any treatment!


Reaching the cutting point for the cub run, for a split second you wonder if you are in the right race but there were no doubts from our sides.  But then came the bug!  Instead of trying to avoid the mud and walk at the edges I thought we could just as well get on with it and went straight into the middle where my feet stopped but my body moved!  Somehow, someone picked me up twice before I stood on all 4 so whoever it was I never knew but thank you.  Coming from the cold mud our calf muscles suddenly felt very cold so we were a bit concerned what that would mean later on in the race, but we both turned out to be fine.


At the Bransombe mouth we meet Dorthe and Elo again.  Klaus had his energy gels while I preferred my banana plus a quick change of cloth to something less warm.  We were now heading for the 2nd shingles bit and the stairway to heaven.  Klaus and I had already practice this the previous day and we knew, once we had reached the top, we would most likely be able to finish.  The climb felt more like a walk than a run, but it was a good excuse to just take it easy and enjoy the view.  Though the last bit back along Seaton Beach was hard it was nothing compared to the few yards back up on to the esplanade coming from the shingles.  My legs had had enough but it only lasted a few seconds and I was ready again to finish with Klaus by my side while people were cheering us on and our names were called.  Klaus received a spot prize in the shape of £20, which he promptly used to bye 2 pairs of running socks one for each of us so I had a reminder of the race. 


Overall it was a successful running experience.  Would I do it again?  Well, if I was on my own in Seaton and went out for a 20 miles run I would never ever go through the bug, but somehow with 1500 runners and my brother by my side it felt ok and, if I could have Elo waiting with a banana a bit further down the road, yes I could be persuaded to do it again.  Though I can not compare I equally enjoyed the long runs with Tom leading up to the race so thank you Tom, we did it!




Pewsey 10K, 10th April

Martin, Susanne and Lucy represented the club in this event.  Martin had a storming run to finish in just over 38 minutes, while Susanne and Lucy also did well, completing in about 46 minutes, and 49 minutes respectively.


Silverstone 10K, 3rd May

Well done to Susanne and Lucy who both completed the 10K.  Martin unfortunately had to drop out due to injury.  I’ve just taken the results from Silson Joggers website:

Susanne            43:46                346th                 7th FV35

Lucy                 47:14                531st                 5th FV40


The London Marathon, 17th April


April 17th 2005.  My second go at the London Marathon, and for the first time I shared the occasion with 7 or more Harriers, either running or mingling with the crowds inconspicuously.  I left Compton at 6 am with Martin and Dick, drove to Blackheath and joined the fete-like atmosphere of the pre-run.  In the brilliant sunshine at 8am there was no tedium, even though we had 2 hours to wait.  Pressed up against a celebrity-protector, we watched the champ ladies zip off at 9 am, Paula going like a jet.  At the blue start 45 minutes later I toddled off quite smartly and soon reached terminal velocity (for me) of 8:35 minute miles.  Above this speed I couldn’t go, the legs not listening to reason, so I merely tried to maintain it while enjoying the sights & sounds.


Very little changed for the first half.  Water and lucozade stations, cheering crowds and performing bands came and went.  As we crossed Tower Bridge the atmosphere became more intense – this was where the big crowds had headed.  For a mile or so after the bridge the route ran next to the return stretch at 19 miles.  As luck would have it I reached this point just as the first men were passing, behind the TV car and to loud applause.  After them were the ‘stragglers’ of the ladies championship race, so there was plenty to look at before the route took us back to the docks.  This part of the course was rather narrow and hot – but the crowds were just as loud, unlike my previous run in 1997.  It was a relief to get to the 18 mile point myself, and this time I was treated to the sight of the weirder fancy-dress costumes (a 2-man stereo, 2 rhinosauri and a Mister-man) of the poor devils who still had 13 miles to go.


The last 7 miles were the ‘home strait’, and were fully lined with crowds. Pete (on his bike) had been omnipresent for the previous few miles, and popped back to relieve me of my hat, as the city was quite shady.  Martin and Dick, hanging out in an awkward position at Cleopatra’s needle, managed to spot me, and several other people they knew, including Vicky.  The race finish was just after a bend and came as a pleasant surprise.  Although the kind marshals told me I could ‘stop running now’ it felt right to carry on jogging past the tired-looking folk until I had located Martin, Dick, and my tea-making things!  From experience at Abingdon I was well aware that beer after a marathon also helps in the recovery process, so to the Stamford Arms we went, until rehydration was complete!


The full Harrier presence at London was:


Martin  & Dick……..Ladies start, Blue start, Red start, Cutty Sark, 24 Miles and Admiralty Arch


Susanne & Elo……… Big Ben


Pete & Bike… Rotherhithe tunnel, the East London Underground (blocking the escalators) and everywhere else on the route!




Phil…………. 4:04


Website update…



Ladies … if you have small feet (size 4 to 5) and you are looking for a cheap trail shoe, then visit for a real bargain – a New Balance Trail Shoe for just £5.00! (Mind you the postage is almost as much at £3.50, but still a bargain).  The revamped site (previously addressed as is worth a look as there are many other bargains available in running shoes and clothing.  By using the following code R-4-9-3-2005, you will also be able to get extra discounts of 10% off most regular-priced goods and 5% off most reduced goods, but nothing, alas, off clearance prices. 


I am considering a change to the club finder link on the front page of our website to as the site provides a very comprehensive listing under county headings.  The links have been taken from , which lists clubs in alphabetical order.  Another link I found to be very interesting is on the clubfinder website … just click on the “What is a County” link and you will be impressed by the information available on councils and unitary authorities.  At the bottom of the resulting page there is also a useful link to an index of local government pages with loads more interesting links to follow, just proving that you never know where running will take you!


Fixtures: A selection of local and other well known events for your information.  If you need any entry forms, I can email most of them on request.


·   Sunday 8th May 2005 at 10.30am - 8TH CHOLSEY CHASE - 8-mile multi terrain race along lanes and bridleways of the Berkshire Downs. The Pavilion, Station Road, Cholsey Nr Wallingford Oxon.

            (Email your webmaster for an entry form)


·   Sunday 8th May 2005 at 10.00am – HAIRY LEGS CHALLENGE – X-Country 5k Run – 20k Bike – 5k Run, Goring-on-Thames.


·   Sunday 15th May 2005 at 10:00amTHE OXFORD TOWN & GOWN 10k  - University Parks, Parks Road, Oxford. .


·   Sunday 15th May 2005 at 11.00 amTHE WOODLEY 10k - at the Memorial Recreation Ground, Headley Road, Woodley.


·   Thursday 19th May 2005 at 5.30pmIAH RELAY – Compton


·    Saturday 21st May 2005MARLBOROUGH DOWNS CHALLENGE 33 or 20 mile routes – Runners Start times 9:00 am long route, 10:45 am short route.  (Email your webmaster for an entry form)


·   Sunday 29 May 2005 THE BUXTON ½ MARATHON - 11.00am at Pavilion Gardens, Buxton.


·   Monday 30th May 2005KINTBURY 5 MILE RUN – Start 10:30 am Kintbury Jubilee Sports Centre on quiet roads and tracks around Kintbury and Inkpen


·   Sunday 19th June 2005THE RIDGEWAY RELAY – 7:30 am start at Ivinghoe Beacon


·   Sunday 26th June 2005THE DIDCOT 5 and 2 Mile fun run – fun run starts at 10:00 am followed by the 5 mile event at 10:00am.  Start and finish in the Lady Grove Park, along yellow brick cycle ways and footpaths.


·   Sunday 26th June 2005THE LAMBOURN CENTRE 6k FUN RUN – 10:30 am start – multi terrain, undulating.
(Mo – May 2005)