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No. 163, September 2006

Welcome to September’s Harriers Herald.  Thursday night schedules for September and October are followed by Secretary’s correspondence and a reminder about this winter’s Oxford Mail cross-country league. Sus has decided on the format for her fourth annual Compton Harriers Cycle Challenge – don’t forget to give it a go while the weather’s still good.  Sus also gives a brief report on Burnham Beeches Half Marathon, which she thoroughly recommends.  Lucy recently gave another good performance, completing the 86.5-mile Ridgeway Challenge.  The results of August’s Handicap Race are followed by Kirsty’s monthly Runner’s Recipe – a lasagne with a difference.  Mo’s Website Update features sites on running gear, orthotics, and rehydration, and a warning about lunchtime running.  Mo’s Events Diary covers plenty of races for the next three months and beyond.

As we are increasing in numbers, we should probably be thinking about booking a Christmas Meal venue well in advance this year.  Any suggestions for good pubs that will cater for a party of ~20?



Copy date for October’s Harriers Herald: Wednesday 4th October


Thursday night schedule for September

Thurs    7th                    Lucy to lead

Thurs    14th                  Pete to lead     

Thurs    21st                  Andy to lead    

Thurs    28th                  Kevin to lead


Thursday night schedule for October

Thurs    5th                    Sue to lead

Thurs    12th                  Handicap Race

Thurs    19th                  Martin to lead

Thurs    26th                  Mo to lead


Correspondence received by Secretary


Correspondence received


Subject matter


Brathay Hall Trust

Entry forms Brathay Windermere Marathon (20-05-07)

Events diary & notice board

UK Athletics

Welcome pack template for new club members; Accident & Incident reporting



Future of SEAA – discussion document;

Entry forms for Brighton 10K (19-11-06)

Completed questionnaire

Events diary & notice board

UK Athletics

UKA members council election


Road Running Association

Nike 4-stage Women’s National Road Relay


Eynsham Roadrunners

Entry forms Eynsham 10K (26-11-06)

Events diary & notice board

Bitton Roadrunners

Entry forms Sodbury Slog (12-11-06)

Events diary & notice board

Bedford Harriers

Entry forms Bedford half Marathon (10-12-06)

Events diary & notice board


Oxford Mail cross-country league 2006 – 2007



As in previous years, Nick from Team Kennet will be entering a combined Team Kennet / Compton Harriers team in this cross-country league.  There are five races over the winter (one each month from November – March on a Sunday morning) and venues for previous years have included Oxford, Bletchington, Cirencester, Banbury and Lambourn.  The ladies races are about 3 miles, and the mens races about 6 miles.  Points for teams and individuals are accumulated over the five races and prizes awarded after the last race.  Registering for the series does not mean you have to run every race, as the scoring team on the day is made up of the first 3 (for ladies) or 6 (for men) team members to finish.  There is no entry fee for individuals to pay.

Nick asked me to let him know, by mid-September, the name and date of birth of anyone who would like to take part, so please let me know if you’re keen.


The Compton Harriers Bike Challenge 2006



The challenge starts earlier this year, meaning you have plenty of time to give it a go.  Use it as a x-training opportunity, or if you have an injury and need to give your running legs a rest, or simply just feel like doing something else.

The route is 14.2 miles, it starts from the new footpath on Churn Road, goes all the way up to the Monument (SU 425 844) and the same way back to the new footpath.

The rules are as follows: At the new footpath you will find a pole with a yellow and a blue arrow, this is your start line.  Cycle, any push bike is allowed, up to the Monument, get off the bike, run up the steps and give the Monument a hug, back again via the steps, jump on your bike (before anyone sees you) and go as fast as you can back home to the pole, touch the pole and stop your watch.  Simple as that!

Keep me posted with your time, the name of the two fastest times will go in a hat and the winner will be found during our Christmas meal.


Have fun.




Burnham Beeches Half Marathon, 20th August

Ryan, Elo and I did this absolutely brilliant race.  The route is beautiful, through old woodlands.  Although it is two laps you do not mind.  And on top of that the roads (tarmac) were closed to traffic.  Everything seemed so well organized down to signposting when you reached the halfway point if you were keen to know your split time.  And the results afterwards even gave you the MPM.


I would give it 10 out of 10 if you ask me.




The Ridgeway Challenge 86.5 miles, 26th/27th August

Lucy took part in the 86.5-mile Ridgeway Challenge over the Bank Holiday weekend.  She finished on the Sunday morning, with a total time of 22 hr 09 min, knocking over an hour off her 2005 time.  There were 40 starters, of which 11 were ladies, but only 32 finished.  Lucy finished a very respectable 15th, and was third lady home.  She put her improved performance down to changes in race-day diet.  The first man, Sam Kilpatrick (15:18), and the first lady, Linda Huxley (17:13) both broke the respective course records.


Handicap Race



Seven seasoned handicap racers were joined by new member, Ryan, for August’s handicap race.  Ryan made the mistake of admitting to a recent good 10K performance, which meant that he didn’t get the favourable handicap usually given to new members, and was set off with Andy.  The race was held on a nice evening and there were good performances all round, everyone finishing within 52 seconds.  Kev regained the trophy he lost to Pete in June, storming to victory with an 8-second P.B. (sub-14 next time?).  Dick, in second place, showed further improvement to record his best time in recent years.  Martin, Sus and Andy all achieved impressive P.B.s, I was pleased with my time, and Kirsty was only just outside her predicted time.  Ryan suffered a bit for his fast start, but nevertheless set an excellent time, which can surely be improved upon now he knows the route.  Well done Kev, and thanks to Jan for timing.  The next Handicap Race is scheduled for Thursday 12th October.




Start time

Finish time

Actual time

Handicap Beaten?
















































New Runner



Martin’s impressive time of 10:45 sparked a debate as to whether this was a course record.  Since then, I’ve checked up on times recorded for the Village Lap since we started using this route for handicap races in December 1996.  A total of five members and ex-members have run sub-11 minutes on at least one occasion, and their P.B.s are given below.  Dick’s course record has stood for almost five years; Martin is tantalisingly close, but can he shave off another three seconds……?







Dick Kearn




Martin Fray




Nigel Henton




Nick Bull




Jason Jenner





Runners Recipe No. 3    Vegetable Lasagne (with a difference)   



Although the usual lasagne uses sheets of pasta, we’ve used a different type of pasta here.  Sometimes sold under the Italian name of capelli d’angelo, this fine haired pasta is known here as angel hair.


This is a great winter warmer for those cold days of running until you can’t feel anything anymore, and it’s also packed full of carbs and green veg for those vitamins that we all don’t get enough of.  It also freezes really well so suits busy people.




400g piece pumpkin, peeled, chopped coarsely

500g Silverbeet, trimmed (that’s spinach to most of us)

150g angel hair pasta

2 tbl spoons vegetable oil

1 small leek, sliced thinly

160ml Veg Stock

150g Ricotta Cheese

180ml Cream

390g Tomato pasta source (bottled)

75g Coarsely grated pizza cheese


  1. Preheat oven to moderate
  2. Boil, steam or microwave pumpkin until just tender.  Boil, steam or microwave spinach until slightly wilted.  Drain veg separately.

Mash pumpkin in a small bowl & put to the side.  Put spinach aside on sheets of absorbent paper.

  1. Meanwhile, cook pasta in medium saucepan of boiling water for approx 5 mins.  Rinse under cold water and drain.
  2. Heat oil in medium saucepan, cook leek until softened.  Add pumpkin and stock, cook covered, stirring occasionally, about 5 mins or until liquid is absorbed.
  3. Meanwhile, combine spinach in a bowl with ricotta and cream.
  4. Spread pumpkin over the bottom of a 2 litre shallow baking dish; cover with half of the pasta.  Spread pasta sauce over pasta; cover sauce with remaining pasta. Pour spinach mixture over pasta, gently spreading to completely cover pasta.  Sprinkle pizza cheese all over surface of lasagne.
  5. Bake uncovered in a moderate oven for approx 30 mins or until heated through and cheese is browned slightly.


Serves 6


Per Serving: 25.5g Fat (427 Cals)


Website update…



Before I start on any recommended links this month, I thought I’d better mention that I received an email message from Kim Johnson who took part in the recent Ridgeway Run.  Her message was as follows: -

Hello there, I ran the Ridgeway 85 last week – it was an amazing experience and I’d like to thank Compton Harriers for looking after us at check points 5 and 6.  That tent was very welcome!  Thank you!  Best Wishes, Kim”

Alas, no mention of the meal at Goring Village Hall!  Whatever happened in that tent?  Ah well, at least Lucy was very complimentary about the large cups of tea we supplied!


I also received a request from a gentleman called Graham Read who runs an orthotics business online and he also offered to give a talk on the subject if there is sufficient interest.  He forwarded a poster with his details (see club noticeboard) and his website can be found at 


Running Co-op regularly send emails about sports equipment and write-ups on the various products, so don’t forget to have a look at their website from time to time at and for special deals at .  There’s also one for the ladies featuring the special support that may be needed at (Sue suggested I might be interested too … as she pointed out, you don’t see ladies running around with bleeding nipples after a long run!).


One of the best articles I have read for a long time, on the subject of dehydration and rehydrating techniques during a race, can be found on the Runners’ World website at  … don’t forget when the HH is online all you need to do is to click the link.


And finally … the next time you venture out for a lunch-time jog off-road, bear in mind what happened to a runner in Florida last week as reported by Associated Press…


A missing runner was rescued from a Florida swamp after spending four days stuck in the muck with only the waist-deep water to drink.

Eddie Meadows, 62, had left for a run over his lunch hour Thursday but never returned to his office at a nearby University of Central Florida research park, authorities said.

He was spotted among the brush and trees Monday morning as friends and colleagues searched for him.
Meadows was parched and covered with bug bites and had consumed swamp water to stay hydrated during the four-day ordeal, said university police Sgt. Woody Furnas.  Furnas said the area has thick silt and muck that can act like glue. "He had great spirits, and he was very adamant about getting a drink of water," Furnas said.  "He said he slept a lot and stayed down in the water.”  Furnas described Meadows, a contract employee with the U.S. Army Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation, as "a strong guy.  He's in good shape.  He's a marathoner."  Meadows was taken to Florida Hospital East.  A hospital spokeswoman would not discuss his condition.


Events Diary: A selection of local and other well known events for your information.  If you need any entry forms, I can email most of them on request and others are likely to be on the club noticeboard.  Anyone looking for a late entry in the Aldbourne 10k need not worry as entries are accepted on the day … see Aldbourne 10k website.



·       Sunday 10th September 2006 – THE ALDBOURNE 10K ROAD RACE – 11:00 am Farm Lane,

    Aldbourne. Entry Forms on club noticeboard or I can email if required.


·       Sunday 17th September 2006 – BONESHAKER 2006 – 10:30 am, Ardington Sports Field, Nr Wantage.


§       Sunday 17th September 2006 - LONGWORTH 10K RUN AND 3K FUN RUN - 3k starts at 10:15 am, 10k at 11:00 am, Longworth is 6 miles West of Abingdon, just off the A420. The 10K course is multi terrain, mainly on tracks or footpaths; much of it is close to the Thames.  Entry form on Club Noticeboard.


§         Saturday 23rd September 2006 –RUNNING 4 WOMEN WINDSOR 8K – 12 NOON, Windsor Great



§         Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th September 2006 –ISLE OF WIGHT FELL RUNNING SERIES 2006 –

    11:00 am 1st Race, The St Boniface Fell. Full details


·       Saturday 24th September 2006 –CIRENCESTER PARK 10K – 10:30 am, Race HQ – Cirencester College,

  Stroud Road (A419).


·       Sunday 1st October 2006 – GREAT CLARENDON FULL/HALF  & RELAY MARATHON –

    10:30 am Winchester College (full & relay), 12:00 noon Broughton Village Hall (half).


·       Sunday 1st October 2006 – ADP KERRIDGE HIGHCLERE 10K10:30 am, Highclere Castle, Newbury,



·       Sunday 8th October 2006 – HENLEY HALF MARATHON 06 – 10:00 am, Henley Rugby Club, Marlow

     Rd., Henley (£12.50 before the day; £20 on the day + no chip timing) (Entry form – Club Noticeboard)


·       Sunday 8th October 2006 - WOBURN 10K – 10:00 am, Woburn Deer Park.  Entry form on club noticeboard.


·       Sunday 22nd October 2006 – EXMOOR STAGGER (15-17 MILES) – 11:00 am, Minehead

·       Sunday 22nd October 2006 – EXMOOR STUMBLE (~ 6 MILES) – 11:00 am, Minehead


·       Sunday 22nd October 2006 – ABINGDON MARATHON – (1000 entry limit reached)


·       Saturday 28th October 2006 – BEACHY HEAD MARATHON – 9:00 am St Bede's School, Duke's Drive,



·       Sunday 29th October 2006 – BARNS GREEN HALF MARATHON – 11:00 am Barns Green Village,

  5 miles south west of Horsham, West Sussex.


·       Sunday 5th November 2006 – 20TH STEVENAGE HALF MARATHON – 10:30 am (2 mile fun run

    10:40 am) Fairlands Valley Showground, Stevenage.


·       Sunday 12th November 2006 – THE SODBURY SLOG – 11:00 am Chipping Sodbury School,

  Chipping Sodbury, near Bristol.


·       Sunday 19th November 2006 – BROOKS BRIGHTON 10K – 11:00 am Brighton & Hove seafront,

  start & finish on Madeira Drive.


·       Sunday 26th November 2006 – THE MAYLARCH EYNSHAM 10K – 10:30 am at Bartholomew School,

    Eynsham, Oxfordshire.


·       Sunday 10th December 2006 – BEDFORD HARRIERS HALF MARATHON – 10:00 am at

    Wootton Upper School, Hall End Road, Wootton, Beds.


·       Sunday 20th May 2007 – THE WINDERMERE MARATHON 2007 – 


(Mo – September 2006)